eTrac-GIS is a digital mapping platform that has the genuine potential to transform how the rail industry operates. In the UK alone, the rail industry has acquired masses of data, and eTrac-GIS not only helps users understand this better, but also how to distribute it more accurately and effectively throughout the wider rail network.

Taking flat data from sources such as Ellipse and the National Hazard Directory, eTrac-GIS generates geo-referenced schematics – or geomatics – on demand, giving users the opportunity to navigate and analyse data in a unique way. Allowing users to visualise, manage, maintain and share asset information from anywhere, using any device, results in more accurate and strategic decision making throughout the rail industry.

Not only that, the benefits of eTrac-GIS are bountiful, and puts data collection, storage and visualisation into action – creating a paradigm shift in how the rail industry explores and considers data.

Key features of the eTrac-GIS platform include the ability to:

  • Generate geomatics on demand
  • Track and manage changes to data in real time
  • Upload and integrate related information, such as reports, photographs and videos to existing data
  • Create and manage individual image libraries
  • Add rules, workflow and user permissions
  • Search for information by location, asset ID, local name or description.

eTrac-GIS is a core geospatial visualisation tool that could genuinely revolutionise the rail industry. As the industry continues its digitisation, making better use of data and providing users with the ability to make safer decisions on the frontline is increasingly imperative.

What’s more, eTrac-GIS perfectly complements OnTrac’s existing suite of products, including RailHub; a platform that provides the rail industry with a digital workplace that facilitates better collaboration and efficiency in all areas of planning and delivering work.

To discuss eTrac-GIS in more detail, or to book a demo, please get in touch with a member of the OnTrac team, via the contact form below.

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